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种族 天马
性别 雌性
眼睛 亮矢车菊蓝
鬃毛 ¤ 量樱桃红并带有偏灰的绿宝石绿条纹
体色 偏粉的灰色
配音 Kelly Metzger(英语,S4E10,仅出现在制作名单上[1][2],配音演员被记为Kelly Metger)

盛绽(英语:Blossomforth)是一只雌性天马,出现在剧集飓风使者”“彩虹飞瀑”“心想事成”“绝密惊喜”以及《我的小马驹:友谊永恒》第9期中。她有着非常淡的粉色体色,樱桃红和薄荷绿条纹交错的鬃毛,亮蓝色眼睛以及两朵花的可爱标记。她有着和Helia相似的设计、眼睛颜色和在部分相关商品中的可爱标记以及和暮光闪闪Sweetcream Scoops以及Lovestruck相似的鬃毛设计。


Blossomforth shares her name with a G3 Earth pony. The G4 character first appeared in the toy line; one of the show's layout artists has identified her as a "from toy to show character".[3]The role of Helia voiced by Kelly Metzger in the season four episode Rainbow Falls was scripted as Blossomforth,[2]and this pony name was not changed for the finished episode's closing 演职员表.


Blossomforth first appears in Hurricane Fluttershy during the training scene, contorting herself uncomfortably on the race track, to which Rainbow Dash comments "A little too much flexibility, Blossomforth" and tells somepony to give her a helping hoof. She appears again later alongside Thunderlane when the Pegasi are preparing to measure their wingpower. When Twilight Sparkle blames Thunderlane for coughing, he protests that it was Blossomforth, who soon coughs.

Blossomforth is listed in the credits of the season four episode Rainbow Falls as being voiced by Kelly Metger,[原文如此 ] but does not speak in the finished episode. Instead, Kelly Metzger voices a similar-looking pony, while Blossomforth appears in the background.

Blossomforth also appears in Inspiration Manifestation, where she is blinded by the golden ground which Rarity created. In The One Where Pinkie Pie Knows, she appears next to Thunderlane during a lakeside party.

Blossomforth appears in the season six episode A Hearth's Warming Tail.



Blossomforth appears in Hasbro's Friendship Celebration app.


Blossomforth appears on Friends Forever Issue #9 page 2.


Playful Pony Blossomforth.
Blossomforth appears in the third wave of Playful Ponies, the second wave of mystery packs, the Toys "R" Us exclusive Friendship Celebration Collection, and the second wave of Water Cuties. According to the toy line, Blossomforth "loves the sunshine! It's her job to push the clouds out of the sky whenever they hide the sun for too long." The Friendship Celebration Collection toy package has a different description and reads, "BLOSSOMFORTH and FLOWER WISHES have a tea party for two!"

Blossomforth also appears on the Season 2 poster/DVD set packaging/T-shirt front/WeLoveFine.com iPhone case; when her cutie mark is shown, it is the same sunflower as Helia's instead of the usual. Little, Brown's My Little Pony Friendship is Magic official guidebook My Little Pony: The Elements of Harmony lists Blossomforth by name and appearance.[4]Blossomforth's Enterplay collectible card game Canterlot Nights expansion set card #84 R shows her contorted as in Hurricane Fluttershy and lists the quote "Uh... li'l help?"




—— “飓风使者

Uh... li'l help?

—— Enterplay的集换式卡牌游戏Canterlot Nights扩展包盛绽的#84 R卡牌


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