To Where and Back Again - Part 2
Chrysalis ...or what it takes to be their queen! S6E26.png
季编号 6
集编号 26
总编号 143
公映日期 2016年10月22日
剧本 乔希·哈伯
分镜 Jeffrey Amey
Karine Charlebois
Thalia Tomlinson
Corey Toomey
Megan Willis
重要角色 星光熠熠


阴影再临(下)”(英语:To Where and Back Again - Part 2)是《我的小马驹:友谊就是魔法》中第六季第26集,总第143集。[1][2]








本集在2016年10月7日,8:00 AM BST (07:00 UTC)于英国电视频道Tiny Pop放映,比在Discovery Family的放映日期提前15天,比Tiny Pop上“比翼凌云”的放映提前3天,比Discovery Family上放映“一错再错”还要提前一天。[2][16][17][18]








Discord vs. Trixie.
Inside the hive, Starlight, Discord, and Trixie find the inner layout to have a constantly shifting geography; chamber doorways are always opening and closing in random locations, and only changelings are able to navigate it. As Starlight and her friends traverse the inner workings of the hive, Starlight is unsure how they will even destroy the throne when they find it, and Discord and Trixie continue to argue.

Starlight is barely able to keep it together being thrust into her role as leader, and the situation is made worse when they become lost in the hive in spite of Thorax's navigation. As Trixie gives up hope, she asks Thorax about changelings' feeding habits, and Thorax explains that he hasn't been hungry since meeting Spike, despite the fact that changelings are always hungry. He also explains that, since becoming friends with the Crystal Ponies, he has disregarded his usual feeding habits, and his wings became embedded with crystal.

Starlight is more of a leader than she thought.
When Discord loudly announces his intention to save Fluttershy, he attracts the attention of a changeling patrol. Starlight Glimmer comes up with the idea of Thorax disguising himself as Trixie and evading the changelings with smoke bombs. After giving them the slip, Starlight expands her plan further by following some of the changelings to Chrysalis' throne room.


Starlight and her friends follow the changelings to Chrysalis' inner sanctum, but with the hive now on high alert, the entrance is heavily guarded. Trixie is out of smoke bombs, so Discord distracts the changeling guards with stand-up comedy. The changelings chase after him, allowing Starlight, Trixie, and Thorax to enter the inner sanctum.

Fluttershys, Fluttershys everywhere, and not a tissue in sight.
Discord eventually eludes the changelings in a cocoon nursery, and he reunites with Fluttershy, sobbing with her tail caught under a rock. Fluttershy is overjoyed to see Discord, but Discord immediately recognizes this to be a trap. As Fluttershy continues to cry, numerous crying Fluttershy duplicates appear, and Discord is left wondering if one of them is the real Fluttershy.

Starlight, Trixie, and Thorax wait for Discord to return, but Trixie believes he might have been captured, and Thorax suggests they move on toward the throne room. Just then, Discord appears to regroup with his friends and says he learned from the changelings where the throne room is. However, he doesn't recognize their "klutzy draconequus" code phrase, and the others immediately realize he's a changeling.

Trixie gets caught by the changelings.
As "Discord" leads his friends down the left path at a fork in the road, Thorax warns that he's leading them into an ambush. Trixie volunteers to distract the changeling while Starlight and Thorax find the throne, but Starlight is unsure of moving on without her best friend. Trixie assures Starlight that, even without magic, she has been an excellent leader thus far. After Trixie distracts "Discord" with a magic trick that binds their wrists together, Starlight and Thorax escape, leaving Trixie to be captured by the waiting swarm.


As Starlight and Thorax continue running from the changelings, they split up in order to avoid capture. Eventually, Starlight finds her way into Chrysalis' throne room and discovers the throne – as well as all of her friends trapped in cocoons on the ceiling. Unfortunately, Chrysalis had been waiting for Starlight to arrive, and the changelings come out of hiding to restrain her.

Thorax in the clutches of his changeling brethren.
Chrysalis brags that she thought so little of Starlight that she didn't bother replacing her with one of her changeling drones. With all of the most important and powerful ponies in Equestria captured, Chrysalis is certain of her victory. However, Starlight reminds her of Thorax, and Chrysalis angrily tells her not to mention the "traitor". As Chrysalis threatens to teach Thorax a lesson for betraying the hive, Starlight's eyes glimmer with a blue light, and Chrysalis realizes that Thorax has been in front of her the whole time.

Meanwhile, Starlight herself attempts to break the throne, but she is caught in the act and forced to take shelter from Chrysalis' attacks inside the hollow throne. Despite this development, Chrysalis remarks that everything has gone according to her plan to harvest all the love in Equestria and feed her hive for generations.


Starlight Glimmer vs. Queen Chrysalis.
Remembering Thorax's crystallized wings and satisfied hunger, Starlight proposes to Chrysalis that she and her changelings don't have to take others' love by force. Chrysalis dismisses this notion, stating that changeling hunger can never be satisfied. Starlight explains that ever since Thorax made friends and started sharing love, he hasn't needed to feed as often as changelings usually do.

Starlight's words start to reach the changeling drones, but Chrysalis is still dismissive of the claims of a "mewling grub". Despite her powerlessness, Starlight confronts Chrysalis directly, understanding what it's like to lead through fear and intimidation.

A real leader doesn't force her subjects to deny who they are. She celebrates what makes them unique and listens when one of them finds a better way.

—— Starlight Glimmer

Thorax shares the love inside, resulting in a drastic metamorphosis.
Ignoring Starlight's words, Chrysalis starts to drain the love that Thorax gained from the Crystal Ponies. Thorax is unable to hold onto the love inside him, so Starlight tells him to share it with Chrysalis willingly. This creates a tremendous burst of light that blows Chrysalis away and transforms Thorax into a new form of changeling: he is now taller with a green coat, orange pincers, and luminescent wings, and the holes in his hooves have been healed.

The other changelings follow Thorax's example of sharing love and take on similar, colorful forms. The resulting magical energy causes Chrysalis' throne to explode, and the ponies that the changelings captured are all freed. As Princess Luna commends Starlight on her accomplishment, Chrysalis emerges from the rubble. Starlight Glimmer stands before her again, telling her that she can be a leader her subjects deserve, and offers her hoof in friendship. However, Chrysalis rejects Starlight's offering and swears absolute revenge upon her before flying away.


With Chrysalis' abandonment of her kingdom, Thorax is declared the changelings' new ruler, and Princess Celestia looks forward to improving relationship between ponies and changelings. Discord proposes a tea celebration at Fluttershy's Cottage, but Starlight Glimmer has a better idea.

Starlight Glimmer embraces being a leader.
Starlight returns to her old village, and Double Diamond and Party Favor are surprised to see her again after the way she left just recently. Starlight expresses how much she has changed since she first founded the village and how comfortable she is being a more positive and listening leader. With that in mind, she offers to help oversee the remainder of the Sunset Festival and asks to allow her other friends to join, to which the villagers happily agree.

As the ponies join in the festival, Discord and Trixie reconcile after their earlier arguing, and Discord even offers to incorporate some of his chaos powers into her magic act.

Hah! When pigs fly!

—— 崔克茜




Discord: That's all very nice, but really a waste of time. We have me. And what else could we possibly need?
Trixie: A draconequus with magic and half a brain might help.
Discord: Why are you here again? I mean, it's not like you're going to stop the changelings by pulling a rabbit out of a hat. At least my magic can do something.

Discord: How are we even supposed to get to the hive?
Trixie: We walk.
Discord: I haven't walked that far in a millennia!

Starlight Glimmer: If we get separated, it might make sense to have a way to make sure we are who we say we are.
无序:比如想个暗号!这个如何,我说“我们”,你们接“完蛋了”?或者你们说“救救”,我接… [踉跄]
Discord: Oh! Like a secret code! How about if I say "we are" and you say "doomed"? Or you say "rescue" and I say... [flails]
Trixie: How about if we say "klutzy" and you say "draconequus"?
Starlight Glimmer: "Klutzy draconequus". Works for me.
Thorax: I'll definitely remember it.

Thorax: It's a changeling hive. It shifts and changes like we do, and we're the only ones who can navigate it. It's total chaos to non-changelings.
Discord: Well, it's decent chaos. I don't know if I'd call it "total".

Discord: I don't suppose you brought any throne-destroying tools along with these useless sideshow props?
Trixie: Asks the Lord of Chaos who can't go for a walk without whining nonstop!
Discord: Yes, but when the throne is destroyed, I'll be able to rip the very fabric of reality to save our friends, while you'll still be a self-absorbed, below-average illusionist!
Trixie: Self-absorbed?! Why, you...!

Starlight Glimmer: At least Thorax knows where we're going.
Thorax: Um, guys? I think we're lost.

无序:[试麦] 幻形灵父老乡亲们,我想死你们了!相信我,我会出现在这里我也没想到!当我听说要为一群幻形灵表演,我在那儿欣喜若狂!然后我意识到,那儿的我是你们变的。
Discord: [taps microphone] Hello, changelings and changelettes! Believe me, I was just as surprised as you are that I'm here! When I heard that I'd be playing for a bunch of changelings, I was beside myself! Then I realized, it was just one of you.
[changelings snarl]
无序:[尬笑] 不过,说实话,你们并非我生涯中最难缠的观众。但肯定是最容易“虫”拜的!
Discord: [nervous laugh] But, seriously, this isn't the toughest crowd I've ever been in front of. But it's definitely the easiest to bug!
无序:“虫”拜啊?话筒开着吗? [试麦]
Discord: "To bug"? Is this thing on? [taps microphone]
[changelings snarl]
Discord: Well, if you think that you can do any better, be my guest!

崔克茜:[叹气] 好吧,交给我。你们俩准备好往另一个隧道跑。
Trixie: [sighs] Okay, I'll handle it. You two just get ready to run into the other tunnel.
Starlight Glimmer: Wait, what?! Trixie, you can't! I won't know what to do! We've already lost Discord; I can't lose you too! Without magic, I—
Trixie: Starlight. You got us this far with just my illusions and Discord's annoying personality. You don't need magic to figure out what to do next. I know you're afraid to be in charge, but you are really good at it! Listen to your best friend.

Queen Chrysalis: Well, well, well. The Princess of Friendship's sole pupil. Honestly, I didn't think you were worth replacing with one of my drones.

Queen Chrysalis: There is no revenge you could ever conceive of that will come close to what I will exact upon you one day, Starlight Glimmer!

Discord: Splendid idea! Now who's ready for some celebratory tea at Fluttershy's?!
Fluttershy: Oh! Uh, everypony?

Discord: So I'm able to rip the very fabric of reality again.
Trixie: Yeah, yeah. And I'm still a self-absorbed, below-average illusionist, right?
Discord: Actually, I was going to say a couple of those illusions were slightly above average. If you ever need a little chaos in your act, let me know.
Trixie: Ha! When pigs fly!
无序:如你所愿! [打响指]
Discord: Your wish is my command! [snaps]

Rainbow Dash: Somepony is really gonna have to catch us up on what we missed.





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