Battle for Sugar Belle
Feather Bangs singing with backup dancers S7E8.png
剧集 有口难开
角色 麦金塔大哥
演唱 彼得·纽
音乐 丹尼尔·英格拉姆
歌词 丹尼尔·英格拉姆
调号 A大调、降B大调、B大调
长度 3:13
剧集对白 有口难开

Battle for Sugar Belle》是《我的小马驹:友谊就是魔法》第七季的第二首歌曲,出现于第八集“有口难开”。



“Sugar Belle! Sugar Belle! Sugar Belle! Sugar Belle!”
We'll take a walk down by the river
Watch the sunset from the field
We'll plant the seeds of love together
And water 'em right for a really good yield
Sugar Belle, sweet as pie
You're the apple of my eye
A cherry blossom in a field of rye
And when the heifer's milked and fed
And the pigs are in the sty
Won't you be there by my side?
Oh, oh
Oh, ah-oh
When you appeared before me
My heart stopped beating
Stars crossed the sky
To come see what I was seeing
You were the one
That made me believe I could fly
Whoa, whoa, whoa
Birds could not sing
A song that's as beautiful
I'd do anything
That's irrefutable
'Cause you are the sun
Painting my heart in the sky (whoa-oh, oh)
Sugar, Sugar Belle, whoa-oh
When will you tell me that you feel the same?
Like an angel on a candy cane
Or the sunlight shining through a drain
Sugar Belle, when I look in your eyes
[clears throat]
I see the color blue
And it reminds me of the sky above
Uh, which is also... blue
Hey, hey, hey, yeah
Be my sugarplum
I will be your watermelon
Every time you smile
I can feel my heart a-swellin'
Blood is rushing from my head to my hooves, yeah
I start movin' when I'm feeling that groove, yeah
I've been writin' this song for you
Searchin' for the perfect rhyme
For the words I wanna say
Somethin', somethin', somethin', somethin'... Be mine
[Michael Jackson sounds]
[autotuned] Every day I see you
I know you could be the one for me
Feel my heart a-beating like
The rain upon a bumblebee
Don't you see that I could, uh-oh, uh-oh
Whenever you are near me, I'm so... uh-oh
Sugar Belle!
Roses are red and violets are blue!
Sugar, Sugar!
My love is burning hot like a cheese fondue!
Sugar Belle!
Sugar Belle!
Sugar Belle!
Sugar Belle!
Sugar Belle!
Sugar Belle!
Sugar Belle!

英文原文:Battle for Sugar Belle