Find A Pet Song
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剧集 胜者为宠
角色 小蝶
演唱 安德烈娅·利布曼
音乐 丹尼尔·英格拉姆
斯特凡·安德鲁 (管弦乐编曲)
歌词 夏洛特·富勒顿
长度 3:40
专辑 Songs of Friendship and Magic
剧集对白 胜者为宠
BMI Work ID 14088135
Find A Pet Song (专辑版本)
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长度 3:43

《Find A Pet Song》,[2]《May the Best Pet Win》[3],是出现于剧集“胜者为宠”中的一首二重唱。小蝶借此歌向云宝展示了许多动物,并希望后者可以从中挑选出一只作为宠物。本歌是第二季中出现的第一首歌,也是整个动画中出现的第一首二重唱,此外还是第一首由云宝黛茜全程唱完的歌曲。


据丹尼尔·英格拉姆所言,本曲的创作受到了1967年美国音乐电影《怪医杜立德》中歌曲《Fabulous P laces》的影响。[4]本曲的部分旋律被用在了Discovery Family的日间节目网站上的“Fluttershy's Songbird Chorus”游戏当中。本歌还是专辑《Songs of Friendship and Magic》中的第五首音乐,在该专辑中,本歌曲名字为“May the Best Pet Win”(与歌曲所在剧集名字相似,只是少了感叹号)。此外,本曲还是唱片专辑《Magical Friendship Tour》A面的第五首歌。


Now, Rainbow, my dear, I cannot express my delight
It's abundantly clear
That somewhere out here
Is the pet that will suit you just right
I can't wait to get started, but first let me set a few rules
It's of utmost importance
The pet that I get
Is something that's awesome and cool
小蝶: Awesome, cool, got it!
I have so many wonderful choices, just wait, you will see
I need something real fast like a bullet to keep up with me
Sure! How 'bout a bunny?
They're cutesy and wootsie and quick as can be
Cutesy? Wootsie? Have you even met me?
Rainbow, have faith
You see, I will bet you
Somewhere in here is the pet that will get you
小蝶: Come on, the sky's the limit!
云宝黛茜: Sky is good. I'd like it to fly.
小蝶: Really? Because I think this widdle puddy tat has your name written all over it. Yes, he does. Aww, look, he likes you!
云宝黛茜: Pass.
I have so many wonderful choices for you to decide
There are otters and seals
With massive appeal
云宝黛茜: Otters and seals do not fly.
小蝶: Maybe not, but I've seen this particular seal catch ten feet of air when he breaches the water!
[seal barks]
云宝黛茜: That's it. I'm outta here.
Wait! There must be a pet here
That will fit the ticket
How 'bout a ladybug, or a cute cricket?
云宝黛茜: Bigger. And cooler.
小蝶: Bigger, cooler. Right.
I've got just the thing in that tree, Dash
Meet your new fabulous pet, Squirrely!
云宝黛茜: It's just a squirrel.
小蝶: Not just any squirrel. A flying squirrel!
云宝黛茜: ...Yeah. So, like I was saying...
Fluttershy, pal, this won't cut it
I need a pet to keep up with me
Something awesome, something flying
With coolness that defies gravity!
小蝶: I'm sensing you want an animal that can fly.
云宝黛茜: Ya think?
I have plenty of wonderful creatures who soar in the sky
Like a sweet hummingbird or a giant monarch butterfly
云宝黛茜: Better, but cooler.
I see. How 'bout an owl, or a wasp, or a toucan?
There's so many wonderful creatures the likes of that
There are falcons and eagles
They are both quite regal
Or perhaps what you need is a dark and mysterious bat?
云宝黛茜: Now you're talking! But instead of just one standout, now that's too many.
So many choices, and such riches aplenty
小蝶: Not a bad problem to have, if you ask me.
The bat would be awesome, but the wasp I'm digging too
Do you have something in a yellow striped bat?
小蝶: No.
I've got a hot pink flamingo, just dying to meet you
What to do, what to do? [gasp]
A prize! That's it! There's really just one way
To find out which animal's best
Hold a contest of speed, agility, and guts
That will put each pet to the test
Don't forget style, that should be considered
Then we'll know for sure who's best of the litter
The one who is awesome as cool
Just like me
Can't settle for less, 'cause I'm the best
So a contest we will see
Who's the number one, greatest, perfectest pet
In the world for me!
May the games
云宝黛茜: And may the best pet win!


歌曲《Find A Pet Song》与歌曲《Becoming Popular》第39届日间艾美奖颁奖期间一起被提名为最佳儿童动画原创歌曲奖。颁奖期间此曲的名字是《May The Best Pet Win》,并署上了梅根·麦卡锡的名字作为此曲的作词者(而不是歌曲《May The Best Pet Win》的作曲者夏洛特·富勒顿)。[5](尽管这里署上的名字很可能是被混淆了的。而在麦卡锡编剧的剧集“社交名马”中,富勒顿被署名为歌曲《Becoming Popular》的作词者。)


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