Find the Purpose in Your Life
Gabby singing "CMCs, you're gonna help me" S6E19.png
剧集 标记难题
角色 可爱标记童子军
演唱 米歇尔·克雷伯
Erin Mathews
音乐 丹尼尔·英格拉姆
歌词 埃德·瓦伦廷
调号 降D大调、升C小调、E大调
长度 2:22
剧集对白 标记难题
BMI Work ID 22883023

Find the Purpose in Your Life》是《我的小马驹:友谊就是魔法》第六季的第十二首,也是最后一首歌曲,出现于第十九集“标记难题”。歌中,可爱标记童子军尝试帮助狮鹫嘉比找到她的使命。不幸的是,她的使命却好像包罗万象。


“You're gonna help me find the purpose in my life.”
Like a racer at the starting line
You're chomping at the bit
You are here to find your purpose
And a place you really fit
And until you find your place in life
You're never gonna quit
We can help you find the purpose in your life
A griffon mixes lion's strength
With winged eagle's might
When I finally find my purpose
Then my cutie mark's in sight
Crusaders, I won't let you down
I've just begun to fight
You're gonna help me find the purpose in my life
Got a job that's just no fun?
Call on me, I'll get it done
Cauldron's stuck and needs a mix?
I'm the one who's got the fix
Help you teach pre-calculus
Scrub the floors, won't make a fuss
Clearing kelp? Just give a yelp
Raring to go, ready to help!
That's the spirit
You ought to see what you do best
Try it all, pick your fave
And leave behind the rest
I'll try anything
To get my cutie mark
Keep up with me, Crusaders
We're just getting our start
Rock your little ones to sleep
While hanging up the sheets
I can help you with your heavy load
Walk Granny 'cross the street
I'll run you 'round the bases fast
It's really no big feat
Can we help her find the purpose in her life?
Cheer you if you're feeling low
Plant your garden, make it grow
Write a piece for your quartet
Filling in on clarinet
Bake that cake as fast as lightning
She's so good at things, it's frightening
Cutie Mark Crusaders,
I think we've got a problem!
Build a boat
And sail it out across the sea
Need some help?
You know that you can count on me
CMCs, you're gonna help me find my purpose
The purpose in my life!
In my life!
小苹花: Now how we gonna do this?

英文原文:Find the Purpose in Your Life