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Flim Flam Miracle Curative Tonic
Curtain opens to reveal many bottles of tonic S4E20.png
剧集 假戏真做
角色 油嘴滑舌兄弟
演唱 塞缪尔·文森特
音乐 丹尼尔·英格拉姆
歌词 乔希·哈伯
调号 C大调/A大调、D大调、C大调
长度 3:37
专辑 Songs of Harmony
剧集对白 假戏真做
BMI Work ID 17947308
Flim Flam Miracle Curative Tonic(专辑版本)
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调号 C大调/A大调、D大调、C大调
长度 3:35
专辑 Songs of Harmony

《Flim Flam Miracle Curative Tonic》是《我的小马驹:友谊就是魔法》第四季的第十四首歌曲,出现约第二十集“假戏真做”。歌中,油嘴滑舌兄弟重回小马镇,推销“大力丸”式的长生不老药。

这首歌的伴奏版本可以在孩之宝在线游戏“Key Crusaders”的10到12关听见。这首歌为原声专辑《Songs of Harmony》的第四首歌曲。


“Is just what the doctor ordered, I'm sure!”
油嘴: Thank you, one and all, for your attendance, and we guarantee that your time here will not be spent in vain!
滑舌: In fact, we think it will prove to be the most valuable time you've ever spent!
苹果杰克: The Flim Flam Brothers! This should be interestin'.
麦金塔大哥: Eeyup.
油嘴: Welcome, one and all, to the demonstration of a lifetime!
滑舌: A demonstration of a better life!
油嘴: A demonstration of a better time! And if we haven't captured your interest just yet, by the time we've finished, an unfortunate phenomenon practically guarantees that we will!
滑舌: A phenomenon? What's that?
油嘴: It's a circumstance perceptible by the senses, but in this case, it's the simple fact that:
There's ailments all around us in everything we touch and see
A sickness that lies waiting there in every breath you breathe
Disease will up and grab you as it crawls from land and sea
It's amazing how infected that the natural world and all its things can be
油嘴: Now I understand that some of you don't think you're sick.
滑舌: But twisted hooves and aching joints don't heal all that quick.
油嘴: Consider just how dangerous this world is! You might...
Slip and fall, break or sprain something here tonight
But luckily for you, we've got the thing you need
And it's easier when all you need's the cure
The Flim Flam Miracle Curative Tonic
Is just what the doctor ordered, I'm sure
油嘴: Now I know our claims seem fantastical.
滑舌: Impractical.
油嘴: Improbable.
滑舌: Impossible.
油嘴滑舌兄弟: And magical!
油嘴: So we welcome every suffering pony to make their way up to the stage.
滑舌: Now don't crowd.
油嘴: And we'll prove our tonic's effectiveness before your very eyes.
滑舌: You there! Come up here, good sir.
油嘴: I'll wager you're tired of those crutches, my friend.
滑舌: Try taking a sip of this!
[ponies gasping]
That's why you're so lucky we've got the thing for you
Just come on up, we've always got some more
Of the Flim Flam Miracle Curative Tonic
I won't need these crutches to dance out the door
史密斯婆婆: Now how do ya like that?
苹果杰克: I don't. There's somethin' funny about this whole thing.
Now some of you may suffer from feelings of despair
You're old, you're tired, your legs won't work, there's graying in your hair
Just listen and I'll tell you that you don't need to fear
Your ears will work, your muscles tone, your eyes will see so clear
Luckily for us, you've got the thing we need
The answer to our problems in a jar
The Flim Flam Miracle Curative Tonic
Is the greatest ever miracle by far!
[in background]
Tonic... tonic... tonic...
油嘴: It cures the reins, the spurs, and the Clydesdale fur blight.
滑舌: Hooferia and horsentery cured in just a night.
油嘴: You've got swollen hooves and hindquarters or terrible bridle-bit cleft.
滑舌: Saunter sitz and gallop plop will give your tail some heft.
油嘴: Mane loss, hay fever, or terrible tonsillitis.
滑舌: You heard it here, folks -- this is the only place in all of Equestria you'll find it!
It can make you shorter, taller, or even grow old
But who'd want that?
When with one drink
You can be young again–
史密斯婆婆: SOLD!
油嘴: Congratulations, Granny Smith! You just made the purchase of a lifetime!
苹果杰克: Are you as worried as I am?
麦金塔大哥: Eeyup.


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