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Friendship U
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剧集 友校竞争
角色 油嘴滑舌兄弟
演唱 塞缪尔·文森特
制作 The Nashville Scoring Orchestra(音乐演奏)
音乐 丹尼尔·英格拉姆
歌词 克里斯·怀厄特
调号 F小调、降B大调、B大调、结尾处短暂的降A小调
长度 2:23
剧集对白 友校竞争

Friendship U》是《我的小马驹:友谊就是魔法》第八季的第四首歌曲,出现于第十六集“友校竞争”。


If you're alone and you can't make friends
We understand your plight
Until now, there was just one way
Your friendships could take flight
There is a school real far away
That'll teach you what to know
But if you live here, you couldn't stay
You'd learn you have to go-o-o-o
小马们: Awww...
Now, there is an alternative to all of that adversity
Not just a school, I'll have you know
But a whole university
At Friendship U, our aim is true
In a city, not some backwater
You'll learn the things you need to know
At our new alma mater
油嘴: That's it, everypony, you heard correct!
滑舌: Friendship U, the one and only university of friendship!
As you can see, we're a success
By any kind of stat
That may be so, for all I know
But I still smell a rat
Everypony, lookie here
That other school's headmare
Her presence is a testament
To the mutual respect...
...we sha-a-a-are
暮光闪闪: What?! No, it isn't!
It really is the final piece
To make our work complete
To have the Friendship Princess
Bless our school is such a treat
滑舌: We're so honored!
At Friendship U, we teach to you (and you!)
All of our friendship knowledge
You'll learn it all in half the time
At the one and only friendship college
暮光闪闪: How can anypony learn friendship in half the time?
滑舌: Our coursework is so accelerated, to take longer would be a crime!
The lessons that we teach have been
Reviewed and checked and edited
Which might explain why our new school's
About to be accredited
At Friendship U, oh, yes, it's true
Even the Princess of Friendship agrees
The only place in Equestria
To give out friendship degrees
Friendship U!
Friendship U!
Friendship U!
油嘴: That's it, everypony! Let's hear it! Tell us again why it's the best!
It's the only university of Friendship U!

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