Hearth's Warming Peeve
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角色 苹果杰克
歌词 布兰达·希基
长度 N/A
出现于 《我的小马驹迷你系列》第6期

《Hearth's Warming Peeve》[1]IDW漫画《我的小马驹迷你系列》第6期中的一首歌曲,歌词由布兰达·希基创作。苹果杰克在本期的14至15页尝试找出并抓住沙斯瓜支时演唱了本歌。[2]


You'll never believe!
This Hearth's Warming Eve
An unwanted guest
Became such a pest
But all on my own
I'll do it alone
The traps are all set
I won't give up yet!
The plans are in place
Let's end this rat race!
But something feels wrong
It's taking too long!
But how could this be?!
He's outsmarted me!
The scarecrows have failed
And the squash has bailed!
I feel like a fool
It's getting too cruel!
That paint should have worked
I'm getting quite irked!
Oh it's such a pain!
Is it all in vain?
That Squash has me beat
I can't take defeat!



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  2. -{R|http://imgur.com/m4fMtXu}-

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