Wallflower runs through crowds of students EGFF.png
剧集 小马国女孩:被遗忘的友谊
角色 壁花羞红
演唱 珊农·陈-肯特
音乐 约翰·詹宁斯·博伊德
歌词 尼克·康福尔隆
调号 A小调
长度 1:30(TV版和网络编辑版) (TV and online edit)
剧集对白 小马国女孩:被遗忘的友谊



You don't see me fitting in
I'm sitting here alone
Right beside my shadow
Always on my own
If I could share my wildest dreams
Maybe they would see
I'm more than just a wallflower
There's so much more to me
I'm invisible, invisible
A droplet in the mist
Invisible, invisible
It's like I don't exist
Right beneath my picture
This is what you'll read
A laundry list of nothings
Not likely to succeed
A yearbook with blank pages
That no one wants to sign
A memory forgotten
Until the end of time