Laugh, Ponyacci, Laugh
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角色 萍琪派
演唱 Eileen Montgomery
音乐 David Larsen
歌词 特德·安德森
调号 降E大调
长度 1:32
出现于 《我的小马驹迷你系列》第5期

Laugh, Ponyacci, Laugh》是IDW漫画《我的小马驹迷你系列》第5期中的一首歌曲,歌词由特德·安德森创作。萍琪派在该期的第16至17页里演唱了本歌曲,希望籍此挽留彭尼亚季,让后者继续留在舞台上。

2013年6月22日,一首与漫画版本稍为不同的“经过作者许可的”“现实版本”[1]的歌曲被分享发布DropboxYouTube上。该曲由Eileen "Eilemonty" Montgomery演唱,旋律及音乐则由David Larsen创作[2](后者曾询问安德森自己是否可以为本歌作曲)。


注: 蓝色字段仅在漫画中出现。红色字段仅在“现实版本”中出现。

Oh Ponyacci, Ponyacci,
What's got you so blue?
You're tired of performing
And so you think you're through.
But Ponyacci, Ponyacci,
Please don't look so down!
'Cause the best way to cheer up a clown
Is with another clown!
Oh, Ponyacci's famous for
His many brilliant tricks.
He juggles knives, he swallows fire,
He spins plates 'round on sticks!
His corny jokes are legendary,
They're known the whole world round:
"I washed my dog with spot remover
And now he can't be found!"
彭尼亚季: I suppose you're trying to convince me not to quit, too?
暮光闪闪: No, I'm just handling props and background music.
So put on your costume and powder your face,
And give yourself a chance to finish your race!
Keep dancing on that stage until the curtain falls at last,
And laugh, Ponyacci, laaaaaauuugh!



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