种族 天马
性别 雌性
眼睛 亮橘黄色(通常)
鬃毛 兰花灰色
体色 极浅黄色






Snowflake inspection S1E16.png

在“友谊的魔力(上)”中,Parasol出现在小马镇市政厅,并等待夏日庆典正式开始。在“萍琪超感”中,她目睹了小呆Sunshower Raindrops在搬运重物时不慎坠物。她吃惊地看了他们一眼,然后带着一副无动于衷的表情飞走了。



在“连理风波”中,她与“Silver Script”在一把阳伞下面对面,并在小苹花演唱《The Perfect Stallion》期间脸红了。在“飓风使者”中,她参与了小马镇的水分输送活动。


In Magic Duel, she makes a cameo appearance flying towards Ponyville town hall during Trixie's return. In Sleepless in Ponyville, she makes a background appearance flying over Ponyville as Scootaloo scoots though the streets. In Wonderbolts Academy, she makes various appearances as a Wonderbolt Academy cadet, at one point as a wing pony to Orange Swirl. In Games Ponies Play, she appears in Rainbow Dash's flashback in Cloudsdale as Fillydelphia is announced as the host for the Equestria Games. In Magical Mystery Cure, she appears singing on the roofs on Ponyville during Morning in Ponyville and later in attendance of Twilight Sparkle's princess coronation in Canterlot.


Parasol appears in Rainbow Falls, Pinkie Pride, Simple Ways, Filli Vanilli, It Ain't Easy Being Breezies, Leap of Faith, Trade Ya!, Equestria Games, Twilight's Kingdom - Part 1, and Twilight's Kingdom - Part 2.


Parasol appears at the end of The Cutie Map - Part 2, in Apple Bloom's dream in Bloom & Gloom, Tanks for the Memories, Party Pooped, Amending Fences, Canterlot Boutique, Rarity Investigates!, and Scare Master.


Parasol appears flying over the Mane Statue in Manehattan at the beginning of The Gift of the Maud Pie. In No Second Prances, she appears in the audience for Trixie's magic show. In A Hearth's Warming Tail, she appears during Hearth's Warming Eve Is Here Once Again, putting clouds in place for Hearth's Warming Eve and attending the celebration inside the Castle of Friendship. In Flutter Brutter, she makes a background appearance pushing a cloud in Cloudsdale in a Weather Factory uniform. In Spice Up Your Life, she appears in Canterlot as a patron of the Tasty Treat. In The Cart Before the Ponies she makes a background appearance spectating the Applewood Derby during Derby Racers. In The Fault in Our Cutie Marks, she makes a background appearance attending Gabby's cute-ceañera. In Every Little Thing She Does, she helps move storm clouds to the Castle of Friendship after a spellcast Rainbow Dash overhears Starlight Glimmer's need of water to put out a kitchen fire. In Where the Apple Lies, she appears in a flashback attending a surgery lecture at the Ponyville Hospital.


In Celestial Advice, Parasol makes a cameo appearance flying over Ponyville town hall with Starburst during Princess Celestia's flashback of when she considered sending Twilight to Ponyville. In A Flurry of Emotions, she makes cameo appearances entering Spearhead's art exhibit in a Ponyville café with Rainbow Swoop and later as a customer at a toy store. In Rock Solid Friendship, she appears as a passenger on the Friendship Express and covers her ears as Pinkie Pie celebrates her sister Maud Pie's consideration of moving to Ponyville. In Fame and Misfortune, she appears in the mob of arguing ponies outside the Castle of Friendship elicited by the publication of the Mane Six's Journal of Friendship. In Triple Threat, she makes a cameo appearance talking to Shoeshine in Ponyville. In It Isn't the Mane Thing About You, she inadvertantly steps on Rarity's cloak while walking in Ponyville, exposing her ruined mane.


In School Daze - Part 1, Parasol appears flying away from the School of Friendship after Ocellus arrives at the school transformed as a giant insect monster. In Yakity-Sax, she makes background appearances walking towards Ponyville town hall, at a party at Sweet Apple Acres and attending Pinkie Pie Appreciation Day at town hall. In A Rockhoof and a Hard Place, she makes a cameo appearance walking towards Mage Meadowbrook's home, which is now a health clinic.


In Between Dark and Dawn, Parasol appears gathering around the new bridge in Ponyville replaced by Princess Celestia and Princess Luna. In A Trivial Pursuit, she makes a background appearance flying through Ponyville with Emerald Green. In Growing Up is Hard to Do, she makes another cameo appearance flying through the Applelosa County Fair with Cloud Kicker. In The Ending of the End - Part 1, she appears flying over the Canterlot Castle courtyard during preparations for Twilight Sparkle's coronation as ruler of Equestria.



118:43 ~ 19:24 – flying in the town hall, 19:59 – gasps at Princess Celestia's disappearance.
21:27 – flees from Nightmare Moon (eyes are turquoise).
33:34 ~ 4:10 – in the audience for the Wonderbolts in Rainbow Dash's fantasy, 16:45 – tossing Twilight up and down in reality, 16:49 – (eyes are turquoise), 16:55, 16:59 – backs off while wearing a light blue skirt, 17:09, 17:16 – part of the crowd asking favors of Twilight.

Duplicates: 3:34 – one duplicate in the audience.

44:52 ~ 7:41 – in the audience for the party for Applejack.
62:18 – flying above the crowd for Trixie's show, 6:13 – on the ground cheering for Applejack's performance, 6:38, 7:19 – cheering for Rainbow Dash's performance, 17:44 – looking out in awe at the Ursa and Twilight Sparkle's magic (without wings or a cutie mark).

Duplicates: Not quite duplicates, but two pegasi with similar color schemes but different cutie marks appear at 2:18 hovering above Trixie's audience. One has an hourglass cutie mark, the other has a turquoise mane and a cutie mark that resembles three raindrops.

71:48 – flying in the park and chasing Derpy, 20:11 – clearing the smoke.
80:09 – pushing a cloud with Cloud Kicker, 1:06 – pushing a different cloud into place with Cloud Kicker.
112:30 – in the crowd listening to the mayor's speech (without a vest), 2:47 – with the weather team, 3:47 – kicking clouds with Derpy, 3:51 – blowing away clouds with Derpy and Sprinkle Medley, 5:12 – singing on top of a roof with a shovel, 5:45 – sings with the weather team, 20:25 – in the crowd looking at the mayor and Twilight (eyes are turquoise).

Duplicates: 15:59 – two versions with gray coats are in the squad behind Rainbow Dash, 16:06.

135:24 – cheering for Rainbow Dash from the clouds, 5:29, 7:35 – holding up the banner for Rainbow, 18:51 – standing near the finish line of the Running of the Leaves, 19:30 ~ 19:36 – in the crowd watching Rainbow Dash and Applejack fight, 20:35 – bowing before Princess Celestia.
1413:05 – walking up to Rarity's fashion show, 14:27 – cringing at the dresses.

Duplicates: 14:28 – one duplicate in the crowd.

1511:09 – looking at Derpy and Sunshower Raindrops after they drop delivery items and then flying off with a box on her back.
166:28 – flying in Cloudsdale, 9:22 – flying alongside Cloud Kicker, 10:11 – examining snowflakes in the weather factory (wearing a white cap and coat with a furry collar and earmuffs), 10:23 – watches as the snowflakes are blown away, 10:24 ~ 10:28 – running frantically trying to catch the snowflakes with a bucket, 10:37 – mixing the rainbows with a large ladle (without the furry collar and earmuffs), 11:47 – pressing down on a fan in the cloud-making section, 11:54 – fawning over Rarity and her wings, 12:05, 12:15 – staring in awe at Rarity's light display, 12:23, 12:35, 12:49, 12:52 – following after Rarity, 13:08 – in the audience for the Best Young Flyer competition (without her white cap and coat), 13:14 – standing backstage among the participants (contestant #6, eyes are green), 13:24 ~ 13:30 – back in the audience (no tag, eyes are orange), 14:11 – backstage talking to Derpy (with her tag, eyes are green), 14:33 – watching winged Caramel show off his biceps (tag switched to #5), 16:05 – back in the audience without her tag (eyes are orange), 16:57 – kind of looking away from Rarity's spinning, 17:20 – looking up at Rainbow Dash, 17:53 – watching Rarity fall, 18:08 – watching Rainbow dive, 20:03 – standing in the audience, 20:36, 20:56, 21:21.

Duplicates: 13:08 – two duplicates in the audience, 13:24 – one duplicate, 13:30 – two duplicates, 16:06, 18:08 – four duplicates, 20:04 – one duplicate, 20:56, 21:21 – two duplicates.

1818:46 – laughing at the talent show, 20:02 – applauding.

Duplicates: 20:02 – many duplicates in the audience.

2016:43 ~ 18:42 – in the audience at Fluttershy's latest fashion show, 17:47 – sticks her tongue out.
223:22 – at the party for Princess Celestia (eyes are turquoise, wearing a light blue skirt), 4:01 – carrying a teacup, 4:10 – carrying the teacup away from Rarity (skirt is gone but eyes are still turquoise), 4:39 – smiling without the teacup in her mouth (skirt is back), 4:46 – chewing something while the teacup is perched on her back.
237:11 – standing on a cloud before the race starts in Fluttershy's flashback, 11:18 ~ 11:29 – standing in the audience for the performance in Rarity's flashback, 11:58 – flying in Canterlot in Twilight Sparkle's flashback, 18:27 – standing on a cloud before the race starts in Rainbow Dash's flashback.
264:43 – standing in line for Applejack's stand in her fantasy, 5:24 – singing after Rarity's part (eyes are turquoise), 6:14 – smiles at Pinkie Pie in her fantasy, 6:44 – singing after Twilight Sparkle's part, 6:47 – marching and singing, 6:56, 7:11 – singing the finale, 8:06 – talking with Fine Line in Canterlot Castle (wearing her light blue skirt), 9:31 – sees Rainbow Dash catch Soarin's pie (without her skirt), 10:39 – looking crossly at Pinkie Pie, 10:44 – glaring at Pinkie from a different spot in the room (skirt is back), 12:07 – climbing up the stairs (without her skirt), 12:41 – walking in front of Applejack's stand (with her skirt), 12:55 – sitting on a cushion outside and facing "Sir Pony Moore", 13:02 – walking up to Princess Celestia and bowing to her, 15:16 – staring at Pinkie when she makes her announcement, 19:19 – looking at Rainbow Dash.

Duplicates: 6:47 – at least one duplicate, 6:56, 7:11.

120:13 - in a vision of Cloudsdale crumbling
517:15 - listening to Granny Smith
82:20 - watching Rainbow Dash save Aura; 4:28, 4:32 - cheering for Rainbow Dash
910:06 - in a checkboard shot of ponies during Becoming Popular (The Pony Everypony Should Know)
125:44 - in the Ponyville marketplace next to Merry May (no wings)
142:43, 2:58, 3:02 - at Applejack's sendoff party
152:43 - in line for apple cider; 5:09 ~ 6:55 - in the crowd during The Flim Flam Brothers; 21:13 - in line for apple cider
170:02 - in Ponyville Town Square; 4:13 - at a cafe table with "Silver Script"
185:04 ~ 5:46 - appears during Smile Song
197:27 ~ 8:48 - at Iron Will's seminar (with multiple duplicates)
220:30 - outside Golden Oak Library; 2:41, 3:25, 3:34 - inside the library; 3:39 ~ 3:58, 6:59, 8:35 ~ 8:42, 13:31 - on the training field; 14:39 ~ 15:47 - at the reservoir (with several duplicates)
230:02 - in wide-angle shot of Ponyville; 0:31 - on front cover of Foal Free Press (blue eyes, no wings); 9:12 - in the Ponyville marketplace
265:58 - at the wedding during This Day Aria, Part 1 (with several duplicates); 17:34 - at the second wedding; 18:59 - in the large crowd
313:26 - in the crowd complaining about Pinkie Pie
53:03 - near Town Hall when Trixie appears; 20:32 - watching Twilight perform for the Saddle Arabians

Duplicates: 3:03 - one in the crowd; 20:32 - three in the stands

60:19 - flying through Ponyville
72:28 - in the background when Rainbow Dash arrives at the academy; 2:32 - taking off from the track; 2:35 - flying through a cloud ring; 18:04, 18:09 - watches Rainbow Dash's friends get carried to safety

Duplicates: 2:31 - one in the background

121:05, 1:15 - in Rainbow Dash's flashback
130:51 - flying through the air during Morning in Ponyville; 13:06 ~ 13:26 - in the crowd during A True, True Friend; 20:01 - at Twilight's princess coronation; 20:53, 21:03 - in the crowd during Life in Equestria

Duplicates: 20:01 - three in the crowd

10:47 - flying through Canterlot
221:00 - in the crowd at the Summer Sun Celebration
104:26 - flying over the tryout fields; 7:50 - watching Soarin fall out of the sky; 19:49, 19:59 - watching the qualification tryouts; 21:06 - seen in the audience
123:09 - with other ponies during Pinkie the Party Planner; 5:20 ~ 6:33 - seen during The Super Duper Party Pony; 13:10 ~ 16:32 - watching Pinkie Pie and Cheese Sandwich's goof off; 18:21 - in Cheese Sandwich's flashback during Cheese Confesses; 19:29 - assisting with the party efforts; 20:09 - seen during Make a Wish
130:08, 0:10 - at the Ponyville Days Festival announcement

Duplicates: several at 0:10

144:07 - helping set up the Ponyville Pet Center fundraiser
166:17 - cheering for Fluttershy
203:35, 3:40 - inside the tent; 19:09 - in the crowd of ponies
225:42 - walking with a cooking pot; 19:17 - at the Traders Exchange trial
240:11 ~ 0:41, 1:12 ~ 1:34 - on the train to the Crystal Empire; 2:26 - getting off the train; 6:09, 6:10 - awaiting the lighting of the Equestria Games torch; 6:49, 7:20 - in the Equestria Games crowd; 8:20 - listening to Shining Armor; 14:36 - listening to Spike sing; 18:30, 18:32 - watching the ice cloud fall; 18:38 - flying up to catch the ice cloud; 20:46 - watching the closing ceremonies
2516:28 - in a Leap of Faith flashback; 20:29, 20:32 - flying toward Lord Tirek
2620:19 - walking up to Twilight's castle; 20:30 ~ 20:57 - seen during Let the Rainbow Remind You
220:29, 20:32, 21:28 - at the town's victory party
48:22 - helping Mayor Mare flee Ponyville
51:01, 1:05, 5:06, 6:00 - pushing clouds with other Pegasi; 9:15, 9:21, 9:27 - creating snow during I'll Fly; 12:16, 12:22 - walking with Noteworthy; 15:08 - inside the malfunctioning weather factory; 19:42 - having a snowball fight with Cloud Kicker
1210:07 ~ 10:51 - inside the Canterlot library
1413:01 - on the streets of Canterlot wearing the Princess Dress
156:43 - standing next to Caramel watching the Wonderbolts practice
191:54 - walking in Ponyville with Shoeshine
211:41 - decorating Ponyville for Nightmare Night
257:01 - standing on a cloud before the race starts (re-used shot from The Cutie Mark Chronicles)
2621:11 - as part of "Group B" for the finale
30:42 - flying over the Manehattan skyline
616:28 - in the crowd for Trixie's show
80:13 - decorating Ponyville with electric lights; 0:22 - flying in the direction of White Lightning; 0:33 - placing a cloud above the Castle of Friendship; 1:05 - carrying a tree into the Castle of Friendship; 1:11 - putting red bows with wrapping on the pillars; 1:15 - trimming the tree
110:01 - flying with Rainbowshine wearing a factory uniform
1218:12 - following Rarity to The Tasty Treat (Earth pony and turquoise eyes); 19:16 ~ 21:29 - sitting at a table with "Serena" and "Sweet Biscuit"
1416:52 - doing the wave with Merry May, Dr. Hooves, Sweetie Drops, Shoeshine, Coco Crusoe, and Orange Swirl
1920:52 - attending Gabby's cute-ceñeara
2114:37 - pushing storm clouds over the Castle of Friendship
2317:55 - as an audience member in the operating theater
116:43 - flying over Ponyville Town Hall with Star Hunter
36:29 - walking into the art exhibit with Rainbow Swoop; 6:34 - standing behind Shining Armor; 6:50 - looking at a painting; 9:16 - looking at the mess of dolls
42:07 - covering her ears
1416:48 - part of the angry mob
158:57 - talking to Shoeshine
1911:51 - stepping on Rarity's disguise
119:19 - flying away in panic
416:19 - in the audience for the fashion show (shot reused from Green Isn't Your Color)


In My Little Pony Equestria Girls: Forgotten Friendship, Parasol makes a brief cameo in the second establishing shot of Canterlot.



Parasol is named on a Cloudsdale High "School Spirit Award" plaque on 《我的小马驹:友谊永恒》第18期 cover A. She also physically appears on 《我的小马驹:友谊就是魔法》第46期 page 12.


Parasol appears in a picture with her name listed on page 175 of The Wonderbolts Academy Handbook.


Parasol appears in a photograph in episode 3, All About Alicorns, and in episode 8, Land of Harmony.


Parasol appears in episode 5 of Fundamentals of Magic, "When Magic Goes Wrong".


My Little Pony Spike.jpg

Parasol, along with nine other characters from the show, appears in a promotional image shown on the MiniMini+ website, the My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Facebook page, and the interior of the My Little Pony Friendship is Magic: Season One DVD set packaging. She, with turquoise eyes, and Sprinkle Medley are flying above Ponyville.


Parasol, with orange eyes, appears next to Starry Eyes on page 67 of Little, Brown's My Little Pony Friendship is Magic official guidebook My Little Pony: The Elements of Harmony.


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