Pinkie the Party Planner
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剧集 派对争锋
角色 萍琪派
演唱 珊农·陈-肯特
制作 埃米特·霍尔(分镜)[1]
音乐 丹尼尔·英格拉姆
歌词 艾米·基廷·罗杰斯
调号 D大调、E大调
长度 1:57
剧集对白 派对争锋
BMI Work ID 17949330

《Pinkie the Party Planner》是《我的小马驹:友谊就是魔法》第四季的第六首歌曲,出现在第十二集“派对争锋”。这是首次蛋糕夫妇珠玉冠冠担任演唱角色。这首歌中,萍琪派在为云宝黛茜的生日纪念日筹集物资途中,和小马镇几位镇民高歌了首席派对策划师萍琪的重要贡献。

这首歌作为DVD《My Little Pony Friendship is Magic: Season Four Disc 4》中的一首跟唱歌曲发行。

这首歌的伴奏版本被使用在孩之宝在线游戏“Key Crusaders”的主菜单中。

2015年4月13日,英格拉姆发言称,这首歌“总会在单独专辑中发行。(据我所知)[2]这是唯一一首没有收录于专辑《Pinkie Pie's Party Playlist》的“派对争锋”歌曲——除收录于专辑《Songs of Ponyville》中的《Make a Wish》。




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Every single day there's something new you can plan for
Every single day there's something wonderful to do
But nothing makes me happy like a day that I can say
"Today I planned a party, and it's just for you!"
小贩: How's it going today, Pinkie?
萍琪派: Great, thanks! Got any streamers today?
小贩: [chuckles] You betcha! Big party planned?
萍琪派: Don't you know it!
Don't have much time to gather all the things I need
If I'm really gonna make this party fly
For today's another day that all of Ponyville will say
There goes the super party pony Pinkie Pie!
She planned our first foal shower where we played all sorts of games
Having so much fun as we chose Pound and Pumpkin's names
She planned my cute-ceañera my dad made me, I won't lie
I demanded all the best, I suppose she passed the test
Sure it was pretty good all thanks to Pinkie Pie
萍琪派: Thanks, I guess?
Art Vendor: What color paints do you need?
萍琪派: I'm gonna need the full rainbow!
Art Vendor: A paintbrush too?
萍琪派: Yes, if you please!
Peachy Pitt: And what from me?
萍琪派: Your biggest banner! This party's gonna be the best!
Peachy Pitt: Haha I don't doubt it!
Every single day there's something new we can plan for
Every single day there's something wonderful to try
But nothing makes us happy like a day that we can say
"Today there'll be a party planned by Pinkie Pie!"
瑞瑞: I don't know how she does it.
暮光闪闪: Wow, look at her go!
苹果杰克: Oh, boy! This is gonna be good!
小蝶: Go, Pinkie, go!
There's no other pony like her, no pony that could be
As great! (As great!) As fun! (As fun!)
As our super party pony Pinkie!


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