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Room to Grow
Twilight looking up at tall moving plants EGDS8.png
剧集 小马国女孩第一季
角色 暮光闪闪
演唱 丽贝卡·萧伊凯特
制作 Ishi Rudell(导演)
Katrina Hadley(导演)
Selena Marchetti(分镜)
音乐 丹尼尔·英格拉姆
歌词 丹尼尔·英格拉姆
调号 F大调
长度 1:56
剧集对白 小马国女孩第一季

Room to Grow》是《小马国女孩》第一季动画短片“恐怖小院”中的一首歌曲。短片于2017年11月8日在“Discovery Family GO!”应用上放出。


Give a little and you
Get a little and you
Care a little and it starts to show
Growing things is easy
If you just give it room to grow
Oh! [laughs] Well, hi there, little guys! How are you doing?
Give a little 'cause ya
Care a little and ya
Try a little and it starts to show
Growing quick is easy when you just
Get some room to grow
Starting small but growing taller
All ya need's a little love
A little care
A little for you, a little for you
And maybe just a little more over there
Give a little 'cause ya
Care a little and ya
Tip a little and ya make it more
Growing big is easy when you just
Get a little bit more!
暮光闪闪: Ooh. You, too? And you? Well, okay. More?
Gettin' a little isn't quite enough to satisfy
I'd like a little more, please
Can you help me? I'm a-dyin'!
Please, I'll be your best friend
You can tell me all your woes
Shove over just a little bit
I need some room to grow!
Come on, Twilight, help me out
I'm thirsty, I need love
Over here, I need some
Hey, bud, you don't gotta shove!
Help us, Twilight, we need more
That's the water we adore
Just a little extra taste
Don't let a droplet go to waste
[continues under]

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