The Perfect Stallion
Sweetie Belle with arms around flagpole S2E17.png
剧集 连理风波
角色 甜贝儿
演唱 玛德琳·彼得斯
音乐 丹尼尔·英格拉姆
歌词 梅根·麦卡锡
调号 F大调
长度 1:34
专辑 Songs of Harmony
剧集对白 连理风波
BMI Work ID 14611198

《The Perfect Stallion》是一首出现于“连理风波”的歌曲,由可爱标记童子军——小苹花飞板璐甜贝儿——演唱。这三只小马正在为她们的老师车厘子寻找特别的他。


丹尼尔·英格拉姆在他的脸谱页面上发言称,他从前一直叫这首歌“情人节之歌”(Valentine's Day song),不过准在此向大众开放征集名称。[1]没过多久,他便敲定了“连理节”,然而深入讨论过后,认定“The Perfect Stallion”这个标题要更胜一筹。[2][3]孩之宝的mylittlepony油管频道,The Hub的官网,以及DVD《Season Two Disc 4》中都使用了“The Perfect Stallion”这一标题,[4][5]DVD《Royal Pony Wedding》中却使用了“Valentines Day Song”这一标题。

这首歌在《My Little Pony Friendship is Magic: Royal Pony Wedding》和《My Little Pony Friendship is Magic: Season Two Disc 4》两张DVD上都列作单独的歌曲。这首歌使用的音乐又使用在《Twilight Sparkle's Magical Mysteries》,以及Discover Familyday晨间网站的《Rainbow Dash's Rainboom Game》这两款游戏上。此歌为专辑《Songs of Harmony》的第一首歌曲。

这首歌已在Broadcast Music, Inc.上注册,名为“Valentine S Song”(或称“Valentine's Song”),编号work #14611198。


This one's too young.
Cheerilee is sweet and kind,
She's the best teacher we could hope for.
The perfect stallion you and I must find
One to really make her heart so-o-oar.
This one's too young,
This one's too old.
He clearly has a terrible cold.
"Hay Fever": Achoo!
This guy's too silly.
He's way too uptight.
"Persnickety": I say!
Well nothing's wrong with this one,
He seems alright...
飞板璐: His girlfriend sure thinks so.
How 'bout this one?
He's much too flashy.
He might do!
If he weren't so splashy!
Too short.
Too tall.
Too clean.
Too smelly.
Too strangely obsessed with tubs of jelly.
小苹花、飞板璐和甜贝儿: [sigh]
I don't think that we're mistaken,
It seems all the good ones are taken.
I really feel that at this rate,
We'll never find the perfect date.
Don't wanna quit and give up hope!
飞板璐: Doing anything special for Hearts and Hooves Day?
Oh please, oh please oh please say-
麦金塔大哥: Nope.
小苹花、飞板璐和甜贝儿: [gasp]
We did it girls,
We've found the one,
Who will send our teacher's heart aflutter!
小苹花: Wait a minute. Lemme get this straight. Are you talkin' 'bout my brother?


英文原文:The Perfect Stallion