The Place Where We Belong
Young Six "we'll build for all to see" S9E3.png
剧集 古树心芽
角色 加鲁斯
演唱 Gavin Langelo
Lauren Jackson
Katrina Salisbury
制作 The Nashville Scoring Orchestra(音乐演奏)
音乐 丹尼尔·英格拉姆
歌词 尼科尔·迪比
调号 C大调
剧集对白 古树心芽

The Place Where We Belong》是《我的小马驹:友谊就是魔法》第九季的第一首歌曲,出现于第三集“古树心芽”。


We celebrate our friendship
We celebrate the tree
The memories inside us
[Young Six]
We'll build for all to see
The tree brought us together
(Brought us together)
And even though it's gone
(Even though it's gone)
Our monument of friendship
[Young Six其余成员]
(Monument of friendship)
[Young Six]
Can make the gift live on
A piece from me, a piece from you
We'll use the tree and we'll make do
If things don't fit, there's lots of glue
[Young Six]
Friends don't quit in the end
And together, we'll see this through
It's hard to say farewell
To something you hold dear
[Young Six]
But goodbye isn't forever
As long as we are here
The tree is in our memory (ahh-ahh-ahh)
Its roots have grown deep in our hearts
(Deep in our hearts, deep in our hearts)
Its branches raise our spirits, together we're all bound
Forever it stands, lost but now it's found
So lift a beam and build it strong
Work as a team, it won't take long
Hey, Silverstream, I think that's wrong
[Young Six]
We'll live the dream and sing our song
And make the tree something all can see
In a place where we belong!

英文原文:The Place Where We Belong