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The Pony I Want to Be(重复)
Diamond Tiara surrounded by friends S5E18.png
剧集 可爱远征
角色 珠玉冠冠
演唱 钱塔尔·斯特兰
音乐 丹尼尔·英格拉姆
Trevor Hoffman(声乐编排)
歌词 丹尼尔·英格拉姆
调号 A大调、F大调
长度 1:22
剧集对白 可爱远征

The Pony I Want to Be(重复)》是《我的小马驹:友谊就是魔法》第五季的第十首歌曲,也是第十八集“可爱远征”六首歌的第五首。歌中,悔改的珠玉冠冠带上同学帮忙修复遭到破坏的操场。

这首歌的最后部分和《Light of Your Cutie Mark》的旋律相同。


关于这首歌,艾米·基廷·罗杰斯的灵感来源于《玩具总动员2》的《When She Loved Me》。[1]


Diamond Tiara's future looks bright S5E18.png
We'll build a playground
For all of us to enjoy
So full of games
There's enough for each girl and boy
I want to help and do
Everything that I can
I'm here to show you I changed
Listen up, here's the plan
Bring it in! That's right, keep it coming! Hey there, you with the amazing strength. Can you help them move that merry-go-round across the lawn? Thank you so much! And you with the super teeth, we need you to help with that teeter-totter. You got it! That's the spirit!
There's so much I can do
To help everypony else
I see the light that shines in me
I know I can be my better self
I can free the past
'Cause now the future's bright for me
My cutie mark has set me free
To do what's right and be the pony I want to be
And be the pony I want to be!


  1. Amy Keating Rogers (2015-10-10). Writing the lyrics for Diamond Tiara’s song, I had “When Somebody Loved Me” in my head.. Twitter. 于2015年10月10日检索.

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