Windy the Windigo
My Little Pony Holiday Special 2017 cover A.jpg
角色 油嘴与滑舌
演唱 Andrew Knox
音乐 Julie Nichols
歌词 James Asmus
调号 G大调
长度 1:25
出现于 我的小马驹:节日特刊 2017

Windy the Windigo》是IDW漫画的《我的小马驹:节日特刊 2017》中的一首歌曲,由James Asmus作词,油嘴与滑舌在第6-7页唱了这首歌来宣扬一种根本不存在的冬季生物的功绩。

一种这首歌的“非官方”版本由Andrew Knox演唱,在2017年12月13日由Jim Festante发布Vimeo上。



You may have heard the history of this great holiday
How pony, 'corn, and Pegasus drove windigos away
But have you ever wondered—since they disappeared
How we get snow on Hearthswarming
Each and ev'ry yeeeaar?
Windy the Windigo!
She's[原文如此] the one—to make it snow
Just enough on each Hearthswarming Eeeeve!
So fire up! The fireplace!
Pour hot cider on your face!
She'll bring the cold as long as you belieeeeve!
油嘴: Which brings us back to the cookies! These are Windy's favorite! Y'see, kindness keeps most windigos away
滑舌: —but Windy's special! Showing her a little kindness ensures we have just the right amount of snow to make Hearthswarming cozy! Sooo
—When you want cold—but not too much
Windy brings her magic touch!
And a perfect gust of nice and frosty aaair—
So buy these cookies—tell you why
Throw them up into the sky
And then you'll know that Win! Dy! Will! Be! Theeeeerre!


英文原文:Windy the Windigo